Big News for Me and RescueTime (see you in Silicon Valley)


I’ve posted a lot more detail and accompanying thoughts over at the RescueTime blog… To summarize:

  • RescueTime has been funded by YCombinator, one of the most prestigious seed-funding outfits that’s out there (in geek circles, anyways). If you aren’t familiar with it, here’s a bit of info. YC was founded by Paul Graham (startup guy, writer, and crazed Lisp advocate) and have been funding very-very-early-stage startups for just a few years. Since they spun up, they’ve funded dozens of great companies including Xobni, Loopt, Reddit, Justin.TV, Scribd, TextPayMe and more (scroll down for a list).
  • Part of the YC program is that the founders must relocate to Silicon Valley for a period of 3 months (starting Jan 08). During the three months, there are weekly dinners with assorted Valley luminaries. At the end of the three months is Demo day (now, by popular demand, spread to 2 Demo days), where you pitch what you’ve built to a big room full of early-stage investors.
  • The financial part of the funding is such that we’re still effectively bootstrapping. So please don’t call trying to sell me expensive services of any kind.
  • We just got coverage on TechCrunch. Neat!

I can’t express how excited I am about the opportunity. RescueTime started as a hobby project to “scratch an itch” that we had. With incredible enthusiasm from our users and a handful of advisers, we’ve been happily dragged into taking RescueTime to the next level.

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