RescueTime Improves… A little bit, and over and over again!


One of the frustrating things about iterative software development is that you never get to do a heroic launch (a la Steve Jobs). Your software starts off to be barely good enough for someone to endure. The next week it’s better. Rinse, repeat. If you’re good, someday you wake up and you’ve built great software. We’ve got a long road before this day, but we think we’re onto something.

Anyhoo, hat tip to Web Worker Daily!

They posted a note describing some of the cool new features in RescueTime, including the very first version of RescueTime Groups, which seems damn promising. Give it a look!

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  • Hrmmmm… this product might just be what I was searching for! I’m going to have to go out and get me the trial version.

    Congradulations on the continued improvement. The good news is that everyone (except fanatic Mac users) is used to the gradual improvement of products. You’ll get there!

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