Stealing Photos, Fair Use, and Business Models

I have a hard time getting high-and-mighty about the paparazzi crap that I see in grocery store lines, given that I can’t seem to tear my eyes away from the train-wreck controversies of online celebrities. I just…. can’t…. look…. away! Over the past two weeks, one of the big memes in the echo chamber is related to stealing photos… It seems a small a capella...

Evaluating New Product Ideas (focus on Tractability)

Evan Williams (founder of Twitter, fellow corn-fed midwesterner-turned-dotcommer, and someone I get to meet via YCombinator!) has a fabulous post on how to evaluate new product ideas. To sum up his excellent post, here is the matrix he came up with: Tractability Question: How difficult will it be to launch a worthwhile version 1.0? Obviousness Question: Is it clear why people should use it...

Best Marketing Quote of the Day

“”Marketing is a Tax You Pay for being Unremarkable”
Robert Stephens
Founder and Chief Inspector, The Geek Squad
While I think that’s a touch on the simple side, it rings pretty true. What would happen if all the people who were concentrating on advertising and PR instead started focusing on making the offering and/or the customer service BETTER?

The Fuss About Macs, Priming, and Racism

Alan Steele (ex-Jobster colleague) tweets: “using a mac for the first time in many years. so far i don’t see what all the fuss is about. it’s just another desktop…” I tend to agree. A computer is a means to an end, and an XP Windows box usually gets me to my “end” just fine. There are certainly some differences among the platforms, but I think it mostly...