Hi, I’m Tony Wright. I’m a product leader, designer, startup founder, and occasionally marketeer. I’m currently exploring new opportunities after wrapping up a sabbatical. You should say hello!
Quick career highlights:
  • Most recently I was Head of (software) Product at Glowforge, which led to delighted customers and $70M in sales in just a few years.
  • In the early days of Glowforge, I led product design for custom crowdfunding software that led to the largest 30-day campaign in history.
  • I founded RescueTime, where I led product design and growth. It’s served millions of customers and continues to grow today.
  • I designed Cubeduel, a “who would you want to work with” game. It went viral and was copied by half a dozen companies in the jobs space. We sold it in 2011.
  • I designed Touchbase, a communication-centric calendaring app for iOS. It was selected by Apple as “New and Notable” and was among the top paid apps in its category for some time. Eventually Google/etc added our differentiating features, so we retired the app a year later.
  • I designed Jobby, an experimental resume search site. Mike Arrington said, “Anyone building a new web company with search features should take a look and consider, cough, copying their interface. It’s really exceptional.” We sold it in 2007.